Cash4Life comparison

The Cash4Life comparison shows the differences and similarities between the pension lottery and other popular lotteries such as LOTTO 6 aus 49

The great Cash4Life comparison

The Cash4Life lottery is one of the youngest lotteries ever. The lottery was only developed in 2013 and the first draw took place on June 16th, 2014. But is it worthwhile to play Cash4Life and how does the lottery and other well-known games differ?

The lottery quickly became very popular, especially thanks to the main prize of 1000€ daily, a lifetime long. This brings us to one of the key differences between Cash4Life and other popular lotteries such as the popular Lotto 6 out of 49, Euromillion, Eurojackpot or Powerball. In contrast to the aforementioned, Cash4Life does not have a jackpot in the first two winning classes that can be won in the form of a one-time payout. Instead, there is 1000€ in the first and second prize class. A winner of the first prize will receive this 1000€ every day for the rest of his life and the winner of the second prize will receive 1000€ per month, also for life.

Since there is no one-time jackpot, there was no record jackpot, because the winning odds, the amounts to be won, are always the same. In the first winning class there is always 1000€ daily, in the second winning class there is always 1000€ per month and so on.

Great Odds

In total, there are nine winning classes at Cash4Life and from the third to the ninth class, there are fixed prices in the form of a single payment. The German LOTTO also has nine winning classes, whereby the chances of winning in the individual classes are significantly lower than with Cash4Life. The probability of winning the jackpot is 1:140 million and the chance of winning in the ninth winning class is 1:76. The probabilities always refer to one betting field and can be increased accordingly by playing several betting fields.

At first glance, the winning sums of lotteries like the German LOTTO naturally look much larger, which could justify the much lower probability of winning. At second glance, however, this impression is relativized. Whoever gets 1000€ a day has a corresponding income of 30.000 Euro a month and 365.000 Euro a year. If you now put aside half of the daily 1000€ and live on "only" 500€ a day, i.e. 15.000€ a month, you would automatically be a millionaire within six years without the inclusion of interest through investments!

Simple game rules

The basic game principle is 5 out of 60 and 1 out of 4, which means that to play Cash 4 Life you have to choose 5 of 60 numbers on a betting field and an additional number between 1 and 4 (this is the so-called CashBall). With this procedure Cash4Life is similar to most common lotteries. In the German classic LOTTO there are 6 out of 49 numbers and an additional number between 1 and 9 (super number), in Euromillion there are 5 out of 50 numbers + and 2 out of 12 so-called star numbers, in Eurojackpot there are also 5 out of 50 and two "Euro numbers" between 1 and 10 and in Powerball there are 5 out of 69 numbers and the "Powerball" between 1 and 26.

Good price-performance ratio

With a price of 2€ per betting field, Cash4Life also belongs more to the lotteries in the low to medium price segment. Only Lotto 6 out of 49 is cheaper with 1,20€ per betting field. Eurojackpot also costs €2, Euromillion €2.85 and Powerball costs €77 million. 

Our recommendation

All in all, the young Cash4Life lottery can be considered a real alternative to common lotteries such as LOTTO or Eurojackpot with very good chances, great chances of winning up to 1000€ daily and a relatively low price.