Cash4Life Rules

Everything you need to know about Cash4Life Rules at a glance

What are the most important rules regarding Cash4Life?

Cash4Life Rules: Cash for Life is a so-called annuity lottery, whose game principle is fundamentally different from well-known jackpot lotteries like the German LOTTO, Eurojackpot or Euromillion. While the winnings in the above mentioned lotteries are given to the players as one-time payments, Cash4Life is based on the principle of a recurring payment. In the first prize class, the winner receives a lifetime payment of 1000€ per day and in the second prize class the winner receives 1000€ per month for the rest of his life. It is important to note that Cash4Life is based on recurring payments only in the first and second prize category. In the remaining seven winning classes, only sums can be won, which are paid out once to the player.

Cash4Life odds and draw time

The odds of winning at Cash4Life are always the same, so the possible winnings in all profit classes are always the same. One advantage is that the winning odds do not have to be calculated like for example with LOTTO and the evaluation of a drawing is much faster. Drawing time and place at Cash4Life are also always the same. The drawings always take place at 21:00 local time in New Jersey, which corresponds to 03:00 Central European Time.

The Cash4Life game rules

The lottery has a very simple structure and so it is not surprising that the way of playing Cash for Life is also explained very simply. A lottery ticket consists of a total of eight fields. In order to participate, you must fill in at least one of these fields correctly. To do this, a player selects 5 out of a total of 60 possible numbers and then chooses the so-called CashBall, a number between 1 and 4. The CashBall is equivalent to the star numbers in EuroMillions, the Euro numbers in Eurojackpot or the super number in the German Lotto 6 out of 49. Finally, the lottery ticket only has to be submitted offline on site or online to a verified provider. The price in the USA is always $2 per betting field while the price may vary with online providers. With our licensed partner, the cost of a betting field is 2€.

The basic requirement for a successful submission to an online provider is a successful verification of your player account. After registration, this will ensure that your registration data is correct. This is especially important due to the protection of minors, since a player in Germany must be at least 18 years old to participate in a lottery. 

First prize and chances of winning at Cash4Life

Whoever has typed all numbers and the CashBall correctly, wins the first prize in the form of a lifetime 1000€ per day. Whoever has guessed all 5 numbers correctly and has not guessed the CashBall, will win the second prize of 1000€ per month for life. Since there are 9 winning classes in total, it is already possible to win a small prize with only one correct number and the CashBall and the chances of this are much better with 1 to 13 than with any other lottery. This also applies to the main prize, which has a chance of 1 to 22 million and is seven times higher than, for example, the German Lotto 6 out of 49.

Cash4Life taxes

Finally, we come to the taxation of winnings from the Cash4Life lottery. In countries like America, lottery winnings are subject to extremely high taxes of 25% or more on the winning amounts. In Germany, however, the situation is different. Here, only winnings that are won from the proceeds of the lottery are taxed, for example, interest on invested funds. To put it simply. The pure winnings from a lottery are tax-free and are credited to the player at 100%. Only those who invest their money have to pay interest, and only on the profit made with it.


Cash4Life is thus in summary an easily understandable lottery, which can be played online from everywhere and offers extremely high winning probabilities, which are so hardly to be found with another lottery.